About Us

Iran Mellas Company (IMC), the first instant dry yeast producer of the country, began its operations in May 1994 with the a capacity of 2500 tons per year. The name “Fariman” was chosen as its trading name, due to our factory’s close proximity to the town of Fariman. The factory is located on a 9-hectare land with 10 thousand square meters of structures. The advanced technology, exported from the Austrian company of Andritz, as well as the expertise employed in our factory, allows for our products to be of the highest quality and being on par with international key players. The considerable increase in our sales, exports, and demands for our agents are evidence for this claim.


The First Step:

From the start, quality held the utmost importance for the managers of the company and was to be the main part the production. Thus, in 1997, they sought to obtain the ISO 9002 Certificate from NQA in England and implemented the ISO 9000 system. In addition, by establishing a research and development department, and employing experts in microbiology and biotechnology, the company has been able to take effective steps in ensuring stability in Fariman’s instant yeast quality and successfully keeping a steady increase in production.


The Second Step:

The increase in local and international customer demand for Fariman yeast has encouraged an expansion of our factory’s Instant Dry yeast (IDY) production to 4000 tons per year. Additionally, our utilization pieces of machinery from countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Spain dramatically improved our product quality which allows Fariman yeast to stand out in the competitive world market.


Recent Steps:

Effective actions to increase production, updating control systems and machineries, and trust in the knowledge the company’s experts, have increased the customer demand. Therefore, in order to meet the satisfaction of our customer’s needs and demands, IMC implemented two other expansion projects in 2006 and 2016 and increased its production capacity to 12000 tons per year. In addition, we pride ourselves in abiding by the regulations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as it guarantees proper management and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we implemented other standards such as Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure quality working conditions and production.

The results of the Iran Mellas management and staff efforts in the last quarter of a century are the establishment of Fariman’s name as the best yeast in the country and gaining the following awards and honors in the past years:

• National Excellence in Exportation (2004, 2007)
• Provincial Excellence in Exportation, Khorasan province (2002-2004, 2006-2011, 2016-2021)
• And more….
In 2016, IMC began its development in their new product to produce various improvers for the bread and confectionary industry. The production technology for this product has been jointly purchased from Italy and the Netherlands. This product has been launched with a capacity meeting the country’s and our client’s needs and demands. Currently, in the market, all types of improvers produced by IMC are registered under the name and logo of Fariman.

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